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Anonymous asked: Hi! So I met someone online and we've been on and off for 7 months. He's going away for college this fall and that's only gonna further the distance between us in many ways. I don't want him to go into college not exploring his options and I don't wanna wait around until one of us can save enough to see each other because by fall of next year, I'll be heading off to college as well. In the meantime, I'm really confused about it all. Should we continue a relationship with all the uncertainty?

Sometimes people abandon their relationship when going off to college. Sometimes people hold on, and it ends up not working out because of all the fun experimentation that can happen in college. And sometimes people hold on, and it ends up working out because their love is stronger than all of that. 

You have to figure out if your love is stronger than all that. It’s okay if it isn’t. You’ve been off and on for 7 months, it might be better if you guys take some space from each other, explore the college scene, and then figure out if you guys are meant to be. But then again, who am I to you? Some girl behind a computer screen that you trust because I’m been in a working, long term relationship? Who am I to tell you that you’re love isn’t real? 

There are somethings in life you just gotta experience for yourself. There are some decisions you have to make on your own, and see how that ends up. 

Good luck. 


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clack-b asked: I met someone, we're not in a relationship but I like him & I'm waiting to tell him. Taking it slow. He's so amazing, funny, smart, a cutie.. But he lives in Jamaica lol. We talk everyday & he mentioned something about wanting to come here to be with me & see over this friendship & take our relationship past love. I was kinda shocked lol, like waaaat? We talk a lot about how our different views on a relationship. But hopefully we make it & continue being friends & maybe more. :)

Well that’s just plain adorable. I wish you the best!


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Anonymous asked: I broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years about a year ago. Despite not being in a long distance relationship anymore, I still follow you guys because it reminds me of the nice times I had with him.

I’m sorry that it didn’t work out, but we appreciate that you stick with us no matter the reason. I speak for all of us when I say we wish you the very best, love. xo

- Chyenne

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bippytheband asked: hey! we're a LDR couple that has a band. we finally have our stuff posted up online. we are reaching out to the LDR community to try and spread word about our music and the possibilities despite distance being a factor. we'd appreciate if you checked us out and could post this to help us reach a larger audience. best wishes!


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Anonymous asked: My family is very supportive of me and my parents always remind me that I can always come to them if I ever needed to tell them anything. I have made some internet friends but I've also had several irl friends so I think their biggest issue was that I was befriending a pedophile online and becoming antisocial. With their known dislike with online friends, I have now met an amazing guy who I also met online. I've skyped him and talked to him and his family. Now how do I tell my family about him?

Have your family Skype with him, and his family. Skype is the best way to ease a parents worry. You’re parents obviously love and trust you. Just go to them, and ask them to see you’re side, if just for a moment to Skype with him. Make them aware they can Skype with him, and his family. That should be very comforting to them.

Good luck!



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This was asked to be submitted anonymously.

hi! this may seem like an odd question but. at the start of the new year (2014) i asked my LDRbf if hes definitely up for this (it will be a year in march and we have already met in person 6 months ago) we are in love and everything. he says he definitely wants this and hes always the one to bring up how hes gunna marry me and we’re gunna have kids etc.    *question starts now* recently he seems emotionally distant/too comfortable and i kinda feel like he will never visit me, after we agreed couple months ago that if he visits i will go back with him and live in florida.

he wanted me to come live with him and offered to pay for the ticket. cos his circumstances prevent him from coming here atm.

is this common in LDRs? (that feeling of a visit not happening)  am i just not considering his side enough? ts just that when he talks about coming to london it now seems very ‘in general’  he can be prideful. and i worry tht his recent suppression of emotion will turn into him falling out of love with me. 
 ALSO! any tips on making a guy open up? i’m an introvert and usually rely on him to start conversations.

btw i live in the Uk


The feeling of a visit not happening is very common in LDR’s. Plans fall through all the time, and it’s incredibly disheartening. It’s fucking hard. But he seems like he’d pay for you to go see him, so why not try that? Maybe one of our followers could help us out with this? 

You gotta break out of your shell. Gather all your strength, and ask the personal questions. Text him first, maybe. Challenge your introvertism and try to open up to him


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ufitmebetterthanmyfavsweater sent this as a Fanmail

I really need some help. Last year, on february, i met a guy on omeagle, we got friends on facebook and since then we never stopped to talk. The problem is that im from Brazil (im 19, 20 in some months) and he is italian. (He is 23). First we decided not to have any kind of feelings for each other, but it didnt work. We fell in love and started a long distance relationship, we were always together, on cam, and when we were not in cam we were texting. I decided to go to Italy on december of 2014, to meet him and to stay for 2 months, and after this come back to brazil and then come back to Italy after some months to finish university.He developed kind of addiction to it, and the relationship started to turn into obsession from both sides! Because we wanted so bad to be together that we thought we were living together, but far. He started to develop anxious and nervous crisis when i did not answer a message of his , he started to think i would get very mad if he didnt answer or if he decided to go out with friends. So on december of last year, i went to my relatives house for christmas and that was the end for him, he was just feeling worse and worse. He couldnt stop to tremble and to think he was going to die. He really got into a serious depression, but i did not know i thought he was just tired. But then he decided we should stop to talk for some days, so he could try to feel better, he also told his family about me to try to react to his real life that is actually far from me. We spent 2 weeks not talking, then he send me an email saying that if i wanted to be with him we had to talk with letters, first i was scared but i accepted, obviously, not to have him would be worse. Then i sent him a letter, it got after 7 days, i sent also a ring of mine that he started to wear on his gold necklace. We started to talk more but by email he was getting better and we were missing so much each other that we started to do video calls again. He started to go to psychologist, to take medicine. But then he got worse again, one day we had a fight, stupid one, he started to tremble again and to cry, his heart was racing, he was feeling anxious. Then he left the room, i waited. He came back after 5 hours, i did not see him, then he closed the call. At night, he sent me an email telling me that was going to use this time to feel better and he would take as long as he needs this time, i only answered: ok, i love you. After 2 long weeks, the day we were supposed to complete 9 months together, he sent me an email. He was actually breaking up. He wrote that im the best girl he ever met and that he will ever met, that he truly loved me but we cant be happy far away in these conditions, because a simple hug would solve many of his problems, but now that he is psychologic ill he cant handle this situation. And that because he loves me, he wants the best for me, so he wants me to be happy and he said he knows he couldn’t make me happy from there, and that i also couldn’t make him happy from here. He said now he is just going to finish last year of university, try sort things up with his life. That in some months when he gets better, he would like to talk to me again, to be at least friends, to help me with italian language and stuff. But he said that when i land in italy on december he will be there to take me. And that he wants another chance with me, he said in the future everything can happen. And then said goodbye.
Since that 11 of february we dont speak, he doesn’t come online on fb, skype or whatsapp. I just feel desolated, because he is the only guy i want in my life, but i dont know if on december the words he said on that email will be still valid. I dont even know if he is all right, if he is feeling better. It lasted 9 months, i never met him, but i never felt like this before, and i feel he is the one for me. I dont even want to try to forget him, i just want december to come fast. But the wait is long, and lonely. But i know it will worth the wait.

What you think about him, do you think we might be together one day again?
I dont know where else to look for help. Please give me an opinion about my story. Thanks anyway xx


He’s going through a lot of stuff. He needs to sort it out, and if space is what he wants, that’s what you need to give to him. I know it’s hard, but it’s in his best interest. I’m not entirely sure what to say, I mean a lot can happen in a year. 

A lot. 

He could lose feelings for you. He could find another girl. But in that time, he could also realize he misses you. He could realize he wants to be with you again. It’s a 50/50 chance. 

I think you should go about your days as normal, too. Try to move on. Try to take your mind off of it. If when those days roll around, then see how you feel about it then. I know it’s hard, but it’s whats gotta happen. 

I hope everything works out. 


May have an LDR soon..

Its going to be hard to explain Anyways, let me first off tell you that Im a 17 year old guy living in Pakistan. Its been 2 years and a half living in this shithole…Its aight. Im from America born in North carolina. 

Sighhh I moved here due to family shit. Anyways.. Ive never been in a relationship before this girl, I met has been in relationships and shes canadian. She tired LDR with someone when she came here 2 years ago. But asshole cheated on her cuz “hes not a virgin” bullshit…  Point is he cudnt handle it. Anyways, I fell hard for this girl.. I mean she is my first true love soo why wudnt I fall hard for her ? I never expected to find the girl i love here…anyways, Umm yes we have seen each other but it was hard.. yeah we live in the same city, but man its Pakistan. Hate the culture and closemindedness of people here.

Her mom is crazy(so closeminded and paranoid). She used to go out hang with friends (not a lot). We used to see each other everyday… wwithout her parents knowing (duhh) then an incident happened where her ma found out about me being with her…. and all.. she cried infront of me and made me tell the truth. I felt mmanipulated after. She acts like nnothing happened.. my girl goes to tuitions and acd. And her mom follows her everywhere now like its crazy ! My sis and her go to the same acdemey at night and I pick my sis up because its at night and I wanna see my girl :’( I cant talk or even touch her (no hugs :( ) 

Its been almost 4 months with thiz girl man… I just love her.. shes openminded. Yeah she getz jealous and mad a lot at lil things. Havent fought a lot honestly. 

Its been more than a month now I think and I still haven’t seen her (like no physical contact. Except seeing each other at night as she passes by saying “Hey Ahmer” and I respond “Hey (girlfriends name)” while she goes to towards her car while her ma is sitting and watching in the car. 

If u want to know her dad is in Canada working. Makes money for em abroad while they here. Sigh anyways, it hurts not to see her :( I miss that beabeautiful face and eyes :( I miss our times we spent together even if they werent for long (30-20mins we spent two or so hours before with each other like 2-5 times) man we cant even video call each other at night cuz of her damn mom ! I cant even fkn call her.. cuz of her damn annoying ! Paranoid ass mom ! She doesnt even have freedom man :( If I call her it’ll only be for like 5 mins max.. I miss her voice.. 

I mean dude im not going to have sex with her anytime soon…Chill

. like im not a bad guy… really im not.. did I mention I hate rumours ? No ? well I do. 

Anyways man, sorry for the venting, 

Situation is now that.. our exams are coming up and after I take these exams ill be able to choose weather I want to go back to America for college or for last year of highschool, taking the sats and then enroll in a college/university OR stay here for 1 year and then go… 

Thing is I want to go and complete my studies there make money as well get an apartment and live there bymyself or with a roommate while i study..I hope for my girl to go back to Canada. Its hhorrible here for her tbh…  I actually want her to study and go to college and everything else tht comes after. Her dad hopefully wont get her engaged then… theres the fear of tht also. Anyways,  its complicated but if Igo back after taking these exams we’ll be having a hard time.. She doesnt want to end it but shes afraid I might fall for another girl or end it because I wont be able to handle it. She says she trust me, but not the girls out there…She hasnt been in a relationship where its this hard. Its hard for us man.. idk what to say.. I guess If couples are meant to be they go through the shit thats suppose to tear them apart any possible way and come out even stronger. I give her hope… I try really I do and I know this relationship will be really hard. It’ll be worth it in the end man. I need help..

 Please help.. if u want to know more please contact me at my email or fb(type in my email address you’ll find me hopefully)


Honestly, dear, I’m not entirely sure what to say. You have to make this choice for YOU. What’s better for you? Staying with her for another year, and then going to school in the States? Or leaving and pursuing your future sooner? I can’t tell you what to do because I’m not in your head. I don’t know how your relationship with this girl is. I don’t know how she feels about you. I can’t tell the future, either. I have no idea how things are going to go. 

You just gotta look in your heart and decide what’s best for YOU. What path you want to take. Once you do, you cross your fingers and let life take you by the hand. Hope for the best. 

I hope you make the right choice for you, darling. 


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I get this boy back in 24 days!
- Chyenne

I get this boy back in 24 days!

- Chyenne

Anonymous asked: So I've known my s/o for about 5 years now and we've gotten even closer recently, but we haven't spoke in like 2 weeks. We've gone months without talking because we both get busy and sucked into the world around us but when we have those times its usually foreseen, this one wasn't and now I'm confused and worried that I may have done something but I don't even know what is going on.

If your S/O is at the age where they could have had their forms of communication taken away from them, I would automatically assume that that’s what is going on and give it about a month. If they aren’t at that age, if you know any of their friends or family that see them often, I would try contacting them to make sure he’s okay. I wouldn’t assume that you did anything wrong. I would just give it some time to see if they contact you. If they still don’t contact you in about a month, I would then think that something may be wrong.

- Chyenne

Anonymous asked: My S/O and I seem to never have anything to speak about, and if we do it's a really short conversation. It's never anything on a serious level. So, I was wondering what you think some topics for a conversation could be?

Firstly I’d just like to say that you know your partner better than any of us so you know what kind of things they likes to talk about more than any of us would. Anyways, you could talk about politics, religion, music, art, school, discuss films, have a two person book club, your futures, places you’d like to travel, life goals, and things of that nature. I often find that if there is nothing to talk about, video chatting while just being together in silence feels like just laying in bed together and not saying a word. It’s okay to just be together and not talk. You can’t expect to talk every single day and not run out of things to say from time to time.

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Early Morning Poem

Last night, my girl sent me this poem that she really liked by Robert Bly, and it gave me a great idea. This morning, I blocked my number and I called her workplace, and I read her the poem. As I was reading it, I could hear her sniffling and when I stopped, she was all happy. It made her day.

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Anonymous asked: Me and this guy were talking and were really into each other and then out of no where he started ignoring me and won't talk to me

You deserve better than some guy who will drop you without even telling you why. The best thing to do is move on and be happy. However, if you’re at an age where he could get grounded and have all of his technology taken from him, you may want to consider the fact that they may have happened. Give it a few weeks.

- Chyenne

faithlovelostandfound asked: How can I send you my story with my ld boyfriend??

You can submit it!